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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mark Rashid, Friday May 25, 2007 Campton NH

[Mark tends to use “we” or “you” for the human, and “he” for the horse. I’ve left those as he spoke them as much as possible. When I truly wrote down his words verbatim, I put them in “bold italics in quotation marks” however most of my notes are jotted down as he spoke them.]

If you can be consistent, he will see you as dependable, then he will trust you, then he will be at peace.

Good equine chiropractors are listed at

Japanese saying: “Mind like still water.”

Once the pattern has been established, the horse is going to want to go back to it. They will fight to keep doing it. This is homeostasis. The good news is the horse will show us their pattern as they do it over and over again, before they try something new.

It is not “dominance” but a learned behavior (talking about a pushy horse).

The horses will do things to distract themselves rather than think through something that is different – distract in order to go to something familiar and comfortable (comfortable through its familiarity, not necessarily calm/peaceful comfortable).

Getting firm or big is when I have to defend myself.

Agenesis of the corpus callosum – regarding how well the left and right halves of the brain communicate.

With a big horse, do things in a way that he doesn’t have to get defensive.

Asking one thing with a still and calm frame of mind.

Saying to horse through lead rope: you don’t have to feel that way.

Being in the place of “Mind like still water.”

One of Mark’s boundaries is “you’re not going to put your mouth on me.” Take care of it (the boundary clarity) then get on with what you are asking of the horse.

Functional Anatomy, booklet from UK, showed skeleton and fascia, etc. during discussion of how similar horse’s body is to ours, and where we ride and how it affects his body.

Rider: for a stop: exhale with a hind step and with next step use reins, wait for softness, back up with softness or until soft.

Bottle demo: how to stop the water bottle (swinging on a string at Mark’s wrist) without disturbing the water in it? Direct and go with it.

Direct and go with it – advice for horsemanship!

Rib cage will roll out of the way but it won’t bend. In front of and behind the rib cage, the spine will bend, but not the rib cage.

Rider and bridling: She keeps bringing him back to the same place versus letting him find the answer. Mark went with him until he brought his head back – allow the horse to fix it rather than fixing it for the horse.

It’s not a problem for Mark if the horse wants to put his head off to the right. The problem is that it’s a problem for this rider. Help him find the right answer – do not give it to him, do not make him do it.


Blogger Ishtar said...

Hi there! Wrote this comment on my blog, but thought I might as well post it on yours as well, since the greeting was for you!

"So glad you dropped by, and even glad you wrote a comment! I love getting to know the people who read this blog (the more regulars, the merrier!) and a comment always means a lot. I'm glad you found other things more than the horses, although I will be blogging about them again (although perhaps not as intensely as I was in the beginning when racing was new to me...) on Ishtar's Ark, which starts for real after I am back in Niger, which is at the end of the month."

Will have a more indepth look at all horse related tips once I get back to Arwen and Sahara and see the state they're in. Warm greetings!

7:20 AM  

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