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Friday, May 11, 2007

Harry Whitney Wed Feb 14, 2007

[I've put Harry's comments that I took down word for word in bold italics. There are more of his words here, but when I wasn't 100% certain what he said word for word, I did not quote him as such.]

(Phone call with RNB: 8" of snow and 2 feet due!)

Self preservation does not equal self defense.

If you know you can help him from the ground better than from the saddle, then get down and help him from the ground then get back on and see how it's going.

Cajun -- why leave him feeling stuck/braced/tight when you could help him change -- talking about when to help him with better response to reins, legs, etc.

When I ask more and trouble comes up, is it me addding trouble or not?

Stop evaluating each move the horse did and focus on now, what to do to help the horse feel good right now.

I'm so interested in getting my horse to feel better, I don't have time to think about how I'm feeling.

Regardless of the size of the horse's expression, it reflects that the horse is feeling bad and that needs to be dealt with. Not just if horse is running you over or rearing up. Help the horse feel better when those little things show up.

PV asked: how did Harry come to believe that a horse feels better when they give 100%? Rode enough horses that were stiff, rigid, and unresponsive that wanted to get rid of you... and sat on some horses that are pretty responsive... there's a connection between horses that are dragging on you -- it didn't feel good to you, it didn't feel good to him. Why would a horse do something that doesn't feel good? Nobody has shown him anything better.

When they're doing their best = how they would be when no human is there or close to that.

When a horse is not responsive, he can't feel right.

How can you speed up the process of searching through options and coming up with one that works and is his choice? (Example: horse and trailer in round pen.)

Sometimes you make him do it so next time it might be one of his options to choose from. Whereas before, going in the trailer for example wasn't even an option to the horse.

We are riding insecure horses. Insecurity at times comes from lack of natural selection. Sometimes horses gain security from environment and predictability so some insecure bred horses are upset by changes in environment like when going trail riding, so it bothers them rather than a mustang for example who would have confidence in a changing environment.

Once a horse knows the good feeling, then you can get intolerant when the good feeling is missing, insistent about regaining the good feeling.

Really look at all the spots you can get good at home, then start building from there. Like go 1/4 mile then repeat until horse is feeling good every step of the way. Then extend what you're doing.

Like for a kid who is antsy and fussing for 3 hours in school, then sits focussed for 1/2 hour movie... If it's of enough interest, has enough meaning, it's amazing how much a horse can focus, even a young horse.

When Harry was growing up: When a teacher is in the classroom, class is in session. There doesn't have to be a bunch of foolishness but recess can be lively even inside when it's 30 below outside.

Harry didn't force Ace but: understand the process, limit the options, set it up so they are making choices.

It's not about physical change. The horse knows if we're asking for emotional change not just physical change.

SH/Legs round pen: playful energy in Legs. I asked Harry if his approach to horse feeling playful around him was the teacher in the classroom deal? He nodded his head.

Maybe be more insistent about hunting for the good spot emotionally -- not so important to keep him mentally with her though, maybe let him search for something, like what she's asking, but not if he's not OK inside.

The better you can get it working under ideal circumstances, the better it will go when it's not ideal.

Saddling Legs: it's not about him looking around at Harry or the saddle, it's about the ill feeling he had.

It's not about showing him he shouldn't bite, it was about asking him to change how he was feeling. A fine line between the two.

Harry with Thor, cracking the whip -- not to get horse used to it, but to get a better response to it.

If I can get a change in his response to something he's afraid of, I know he'll respond better to something else he's afraid of. Not necessarily for him to feel OK about it, but to have a better response.

Keep pressure up when he turns to leave, keep him searching for a better spot -- don't let him just escape. Later it'll help him to know that when he's worried, he can look for a better spot.

Training mounted police -- they don't care how the horse responds as long as he doesn't respond -- getting a horse used to thing. Not what Harry is doing.

Horse is cranky about responding, not about doing something.

PV experimenting with more clarity and responsiveness and upping her energy. Horse knows what she wants but he's not sure he really has to. Clearing up his williingness to go on and go forward cleared up his pushing in on her.

Round pen and ride in PM on Belle/Marge. Not fully sound but responsive. Question: does Marge settle when brought to a stop because Harry has done it with her a lot before and she knows how to change how she's feeling through coming to a stop? Yes!

I got to feel Marge ready to start with me; and felt what it is when she's left me at a walk, 'surging' like SH spoke of; likewise, feel her 100% with me at the walk.

Nice complement from PV, that I have a nice way with horses -- they all seem to respond well to me, that I did a good job with Belle out at the playground.


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